“We’ve been working with Bob for a couple of years and have found him to be very knowledgeable and a very friendly, open type of person. We’ve always enjoyed our contact with him and feel that he’s given extremely good advice. We are very pleased with his expertise and pleased with him as a person. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.” — Paul & Peggy D.

“When my husband passed away and I needed legal assistance, Bob Bohan was recommended to me as he’s compassionate as well as being an excellent lawyer. Bob was very helpful to me and I found him to be empathetic, intelligent and well versed in his field. Bob’s friendliness, attitude and cheer were also appreciated. I would recommend Bob’s services to anyone who’s searching for an attorney to handle their estate or trusts.” — Darlene M.

“I cared for my wife in our home for many years. There came a time when her needs became greater than my ability to provide and as difficult as it was I finally had to consider a nursing home. My daughter had heard Bob Bohan deliver a message on senior care at an assisted living facility,  so she suggested we make an appointment to see Bob.
We did not know any of the ends and outs of the laws concerning what you could or couldn't do as far as seeking care for a loved one. We went to see Bob and it was the smartest thing we ever did.
Yes, Bob had to charge us for his time and knowledge and at the time I thought this is a lot of money, but Bob guided us through all the paperwork and all the things we could legally do with our money to protect as much as we could. With his advice we were able to save thousands and thousands of dollars. I would not have what I have left if it were not for Bob.
My wife was in a nursing home for over seven years so I talked to a lot of people in the same boat as I was in and believe me because they did not know the things that Bob told us about, they had to pay all their savings to the nursing home. I wanted to advise them, but in most cases it was too late - some of them actually lost their home.
If you have a need for an attorney with a great knowledge of elder law, I strongly recommend you place your trust in Mr. Bob Bohan. I did and am now living fairly comfortably on the money Bob protected for me. I will always be eternally grateful to Bob and what he was able to do for me.  Thank you, Bob.” — Dan M.

“Bob Bohan has been my attorney for a long time. Bob did my husband’s and my wills as well as arranging for trust, and he worked with our accountant during this process. We were extremely pleased with his services. Bob has also assisted me in checking out an assisted living facility and took me to see it, and even went so far as to take me to the doctor.
I think that he’s a wonderful, wonderful man you can trust. If he tells you he’s going to do something, he does it.” — Harriet R.

“By June 2006, Alzheimer’s disease had totally destroyed my mother’s ability. I desperately needed professional financial counseling. From members of my caregiver group, I learned of Bob Bohan who specializes in the many facets of elder law. My questions to him were:

  • Plan A - How do I plan for the inevitable long-term care of my mother’s terminal illness?
  • Plan B - How do I protect my father’s assets and my own?

Since our first meeting, I’ve come to depend on Bob’s knowledge and recommendations. Plan A was implemented in June 2006 and completed in August 2008. Plan B is still in progress. We both continue to work through my father’s long term care issues, asset protection issues, and the many questions that arise concerning each. Along with Bob’s comprehensive knowledge and sensible recommendations, I appreciate his understanding of my situation and his ongoing friendship.
Thanks much, Bob.” — Linda E.

“Bob Bohan worked with my husband and me with our estate planning and I would highly recommend Bob’s services. My husband was a lawyer and he felt confident with Bob handling everything. I have relied heavily on Bob after my husband passed away. He meets regularly with me and my financial planner, and I know that I can call him at anytime during the day or night and he would drop everything to help me out. I can’t imagine having anyone else to represent me.
Bob is very professional, calming and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Bob’s services.” — Susie M.